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The very basics:

I am creative. I take a lot of photographs and play the piano. I recently moved from the bustling metropolis of Norwich, Norfolk to live in a small village in Suffolk with my long term partner and a cat. We moved because I fell in love with a 600 year old house that had been empty for years and needed some TLC. As a consequence, you can guarantee that house renovation and decorating posts will inevitably appear in this journal.

Most of my entries are friends only. If you found me through a community or someone else's journal and are interested in reading this journal and you like looking at pictures (I post a fair few), then add me and chances are I'll add you back if you make contact and say "hi" somewhere. New friends are always welcome. :)

It should go without saying but if I do post a picture you like and you'd like to copy it or use it somewhere please ask first. Thanks.